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On Wednesday, Balmain unveiled the Spring / Summer 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week, marking its first fashion show since the onset of the disease as well as creative director Olivier Rousteing’s 10 anniversary in the name.

But this season, getting back on the plane isn’t enough. The show – which features supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Carla Bruni in a number of new collections as well as some of the iconic mid -2010s hits – marks the second edition of Balmain’s branded music festival , something that was first conducted in June. 2019. This time, it featured entertainment from artists such as Doja Cat, but the voice from Beyoncé spread across the crowd praising Rousteing for her distinctive champion work and changes in the business system. Live on the Balmain website, the view was available to all interested parties.

This is part of Balmain’s way of showcasing its brand, through its big ticket entertainment business. Balmain’s series, “Fracture,” revolves around this plan. Built with British broadcast network Channel Four with opportunities to stream there, “Fracture” tells the story of a musical struggle, played by singer and musician Jessie Jo Stark (who also participated in the festival), who facing a difficult family past while pursuing more plans. for his future, set in a fast -blooded Los Angeles motel. Tommy Dorfman and Charles Melton, alumni of the show “13 Reasons Why” and “Riverdale,” organized, also made appearances. Rousteing helps cast and coordinate the process in addition to the costumes.

The festival and series features a new, entertainment-themed marketing strategy designed and implemented branded over the course of the disease, becoming a new brand model to demonstrate the power of content in video as a marketing tools. The hope is that the five-part series could expand Balmain’s consumer perception to help it stand out from its peers and regain the most socially relevant culture it enjoyed in the mid-2010s.

“Everything was done according to traditional models,” said Balmain’s chief marketing officer, Txampi Diz. “What’s the next step? We believe this is one option. ”

Content Description and ‘Trusted’

They have stepped up their efforts to invest in the “Netflix Revolution”. Gucci unveiled shorts with official director Gus van Sant on YouTube and its own channels in 2020, but in 2018, Kenzo starred Milla Jovovich as the star of a movie a le superhero. Rihanna has teamed up with Amazon to launch her Savage X Fenty show for the third time since 2019.

Results are mixed. The project by Gucci and Gus van Sant received several million views on YouTube, but did not go viral. Other types of businesses, such as the Savage X Fenty show, launch on the website and in turn, sell its products.

Balmain’s plan is different in all those ways, said Diz, who believes the story’s priority – not the costumes – coupled with the partnership with Channel Four credited the effort to sort of. (That’s not to say the clothes aren’t worth it: each person at the show is adding a full Balmain look from the Pre-Fall and Fall / Winter 2021 collections, most of which are available for purchase.) A special efforts also reach out to newcomers (especially those between the ages of 20 and 35) who “don’t have Balmain’s peak of thinking but can, through this, surprise them and connect,” he said.

As the name suggests, Channel Four has received 4.6 million views on the series ’episodes and supported content, with the largest audience in the UK, followed by Brazil, Russia and Italy. An additional two million views (and one million unique users) were signed in the U.S. and France, and the groups received four million on China’s Tencent platform.

The numbers may seem staggering but considering the investment, they may have lost some of their insight compared to some of Balmain’s other viral moments. Zendaya made an appearance on the 2021 Venice Film Festival red carpet wearing a traditional Balmain couture leather dress, which went viral online and spread on Instagram to Zendaya’s 110 million followers. The effort required for one red carpet seems, somewhat exaggerated, pales when compared to that necessary to produce a series television, casting doubt on the plan.

Even so, a regular television series – with each time the market comes out, including video commercials captured on sets, seems to be the team at events throughout the year – could be the best more to build long -term brand awareness and loyalty. than one red carpet time.

“People don’t like to sell to them, but they do like to buy, so using a new way to put your message together is going to be more likely to reach potential buyers,” he said. said Courtney Worthman, SVP of development organizations at corporate partner brands. Burns Entertainment.

More Than Just a TV Show

The stakes are high for Balmain, which has invested heavily in this strategy to build that permanent structure.

Owned by Qatari investment fund Mayhoola, Balmain owns a smaller share of the market than LVMH- and Kering owns players such as Louis Vuitton, Dior or Gucci. Mayhoola did not release sales figures, but Mario Ortelli, managing partner of Ortelli & Co., noted that Balmain is very small and has large numbers, with its wholesale product portfolio and focus on ready, it may cause the name to hurt. more than European mega -species at the time of the epidemic. In terms of curvature, Balmain ranked 18th out of 20 on the Lyst Index of the most attractive brands in the second quarter of 2021.

But not too long ago, Balmain mania – the period around 2015 – was at its peak. Phrases like “Balmain Army” were familiar, but being close to the Kardashians and Beyoncé and working with H&M helped maintain a high brand for consumers.

It’s fitting, then, that the brand looks to one of the strengths – entertainment and celebrities – behind Balmain mania to regain its relevance. Between the series and the entertainment music, Balmain hopes to perfectly “integrate entertainment into any segment of the market with leading networks,” said Diz, a planner who has been in the works for four years.

“There’s more to the experience and lasting visual relationships you can make when you’re on the web at a festival or watching a show,” Wortham said of Balmain betting entertainment. “Maybe they’ll come up with people who had a time when they thought, ‘Oh, I can’t afford this… and then you prepare for the future.’

Additional reporting by Robert Williams.

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