Why Wiserbrand isn’t your average digital marketing company

Many companies offer marketing services. And many offer back office solutions. But Wiserbrand offers these and more.

The company is known for providing exactly what every customer needs. Read more about her journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the business is doing

Provides marketing and support tools for businesses.

CEO Michael Podolsky told Small Business Trends: “At WiserBrand we sell digital marketing, web development, customer support and back office services.”

Business niche

Provision of an all inclusive service.

Podolsky says: “We know how to connect all areas of your business – developing e-commerce solutions, creating transformative marketing campaigns and providing unparalleled customer service – all from a single source. Whatever is missing in the customer’s business, we can help. “

How the business started

While you are working on another project.

Podolsky explains, “?? Good people from a small outsourcing team have grown into a well-known marketing, development, and customer care center.”

Biggest challenge

Navigating the pandemic.

Podolsky says, “Covid burst was a significant risk of degraded performance. We weren’t prepared, but it worked. We have established remote work and have switched to other management and control systems. “

lesson learned

Navigate carefully in relationships with business partners.

Podolsky says: “There have been many ups and downs, but we’ve managed to broaden our horizons and improve the situation.

He added: “To make our relationships with partners more stable, we could have done things differently. But the lessons we learned helped us grow. Now we are charged and ready for the challenges ahead. “

How they’d spend an additional $ 100,000


Office location

In the middle of New York.

Podolsky says, “Our office is in the heart of the city – we love it so much. But most of all, we love the way our capacities are growing. “

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Image: Wiserbrand

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