Why should you use a chatbot in your mobile marketing plan?

Soti Vayena, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at WayMore, a business unit of AMD Telecom, sees the chatbots segment can be made into a good mobile plan.

Today’s consumers are mobile-first, and mobile phones are far more advanced than most laptop and PC users.

This progress has dramatically changed the way consumers communicate, changing traditions to messaging on the website. Undoubtedly, businesses have been forced to adapt to a new type of communication, in order to have a seamless customer travel and a better customer experience. They need to have cross-roads and cross-machines, so that they can always be available to resolve customer questions and queries. That is not always easy because of people’s limitations. And that’s exactly where chatbots come from.

Chatbots, a great tool in marketing conversations, are designed to have a conversation with users and can be found anywhere, from smart phones software for self -use to corporate ‘social networking’ websites. .

Chatbots are mobile and scalable and they get high user engagement. And users seem to have developed a lot of enthusiasm for them, signaling they’re here to stay!

  • 56 percent of people message more than call customer service with a comparison
  • 85 percent of customer interactions are dealt with without a person within a few years
  • At least 30 percent of consumers are excited about chatbots

WayMore helps companies improve their sales performance through smart products, such as chatbots that increase customer awareness, increase customers, accept scalability, and strengthen your brand.

The above statistics prove that chatbots are a popular technology and are rightly called the future of marketing. It’s time to integrate them into your mobile marketing strategy.

Benefits of integrating chatbots into your mobile marketing plan
By 2024, the chatbot market is expected to grow to $ 1.3bn (£ 920m). If you haven’t yet integrated a chatbot into your mobile marketing plan, now is the time to do it. In a few more minutes, we’ll discuss why every business needs them in 2021. Let’s jump in!

Increases customer satisfaction with prompt response
Consumers need answers and most of the time, they want it NOW. Usually everything ends in a year of immediate gratification.

As a marketer, your main goal is to make sure your customers are satisfied. You have to make them feel stressed and valued throughout the shopping cycle. Chatbots can quickly process customer requests with accuracy. In addition to this, their demand by customers has increased. By incorporating them into your method you ensure that customers get the immediate help they need, which leads to an increase in satisfaction.

Get the free clock, low cost
Most customers think they will have a 24/7 business. Regular customer support teams typically work eight hours a day. So, to run an example of a software support clock you need three teams to work different shifts. Adding the resources needed to provide customer support around the clock can prove very costly for many companies. So chatbots are encouraged, avoiding these costs.

While chatbots can answer any question or fix it quickly, your business can keep an eye on customer issues day and night, without having to spend too much on customer support.

More problem solving, better scalability
As mentioned, human beings have a certain limitation when it comes to handling many things at once. Often when we take more than three to four tasks, we make mistakes. Chatbots, on the other hand, don’t. They can handle hundreds of questions at once, with no errors.

Chatbots can hold conversations with almost an unlimited number of people at a time, offering an efficient answer to answering customer questions. For a business that needs to deal with multiple phone customers on the same issues or instructions, chatbots are the best solution.

Chatbots can be designed to understand what customers are asking and to respond intelligently to them. Through automated devices you can drive more customers than you ever could before, scaling your business, but at the same time looking for the convenience of your customers.

Clarifying customer information
There are many stories about big data in the marketing world. In communication with customers, chatbots can help you collect a large amount of valuable customer data. With the help of AI, chatbots can learn from past interactions and work on collecting data more quickly and efficiently. They can predict expectations, provide information and answers to keep customers engaged with certain brands and products, and also increase conversions.

In addition, they provide customers with product details as needed, and advise on relevant issues. As research suggests customers are also interested in receiving chatbot tips and advice in this way.

Special marketing
Customers need experience. And chatbots are the best professional marketing tools. By generating text conversions to help customers on their journey, chatbots can increase the cost of conversion in a way that has never happened before.

With the help of AI, chatbots can provide media or products, specifically which customers are interested in contacting, as well as when they receive a message. AI adapts according to feedback, specializes in communication and issues accordingly.

Effectively manage the lead generation
As more people encounter your bot message, smart crawlers can begin to make smarter choices and integrate powerful automated communications with all users.

Through chatbots, you are able to persuade your customers to use the message on their journey. Chatbots can qualify leaders and test their smoothness through the travel client. By asking them relevant questions, you can nurture them and provide professional answers based on their answers, promote your products to educate them, and ultimately inspire them to make a purchase. This approach leads to feelings of appreciation rather than irritability.

Designing a chatbot for your business
With all that said, it’s time to pick the software to build your chatbot and integrate it into your mobile marketing plan. Canou can choose between a simple pre -defined chatbot or a smart chatbot. Using WayMore’s new Chatbot Solutions, you can help your business build a strong competitive edge to stay ahead of your competition and differentiate your brand. Our solutions provide significant benefits to end users and businesses. On the one hand they build and fund a valuable audience, and on the other hand end users enjoy a best-selling customer experience.

No matter how big your business or industry is, WayMore is offering complex and effective ways to all businesses that need to offer fast customer conversations to their existing customers. And, take advantage of the new chatbot technology and its key features, give a special touch to your audience, and use your users first, during, and after critical critical choices. Ready to build your own chatbot? Contact us today for a demo!


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