Why is Northstar Location Services calling me?

You might be wondering why is Northstar Location Services calling me? Perhaps you are behind on a debt or two but you didn’t know you were going to face harassment. Or maybe you don’t owe anyone and have no idea why Northstar is calling. In any case, you have rights.

Let’s look at these and see what Northstar is.

What are Northstar Location Services?

Northstar, based in New York, is a 20-year-old debt collection company that seeks to collect debts for customers, including many banks. It also collects debts that it buys. The company seeks to pay off various forms of debt, particularly student loans. It also collects for industries such as insurance, automotive, communications, utilities, education, travel, retail, finance, and mortgage. Missed Credit Card Debt? Yes, that too.

What is Northstar known for?

Basically, the company is known for being relentlessly tenacious in its collection efforts, using dubious or borderline unethical tactics. They are also known for speaking directly about rights while using the technology to find alleged debtors.

Additionally, the company was recently put on alert by the Better Business Bureau. Here are some examples of complaints from the BBB’s Northstar side:

  • As of 5/6/21: “This company is contacting me at the telephone number listed above regarding a debt that I have no knowledge of or that I reasonably believe I owe legally. I suspect they are fishing for information on another party. I am older and I live alone. These calls are both repetitive and unsettling. “
  • From January 8th, 21: “Northstar calls our home several times a day. We don’t have any outstanding debts and we just don’t want to be bothered by this agency anymore. “
  • From January 21st: “The debt collection agent calls around 7am and does not answer. The caller also said to me: ‘I know it is *****, we will destroy your balance if you don’t answer.’ I have also not received any written correspondence to my new address, although I changed it months ago with the original debtor. “

What about these rights?

You are right to ask for it because you have it. They are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which gives individuals the right to challenge debts and request that a collection agency stop contacting them.

Indeed, any debt collection agency, including Northstar Location Services, is prohibited from:

  • You will not be informed that it is a debt collection company trying to collect a claim.
  • I contact you several times a day.
  • Express yourself with obscene language.
  • Refusal to acknowledge the obligation you allegedly owe.
  • I’ll call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Keep calling you at work after indicating that your employer does not allow such calls to be made.
  • Talk to neighbors, friends or colleagues about your situation.

What can I do to stop Northstar’s bad behavior?

If Northstar or any other debt collector is engaging in FDCPA prohibited conduct, you should contact the BBB and an attorney who specializes in such cases. Ultimately, you may be awarded $ 1,000 for each violation plus damages.

Yes, at least now you know why Northstar Location Services is calling you. Or maybe you really don’t. In any case, you know what you are doing and you don’t have to put up with it. Don’t be intimidated. Stand against this notorious debt collector and take the right steps for you.

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