Whistleblower Says Capitol Police Officials Perform ‘With Will And Bad’ on January 6

A former senior member of the Capitol Police has written a letter of condolence to members of Congress accusing the military leadership of failing to recognize their aides during the January 6 Capitol riots and then filling in the facts for their own benefit. The former chief spent several hours with Yogananda Pittman, then Capitol police chief, and Sean Gallagher, chief of staff, the day of the attempted coup. The footballer wrote, “What I saw was them sitting there, not watching TV television showing real-time police and veterans fighting for Congress and their lives … this event is their own exaltation. ”

The letter also alleges that Pittman lied to Congress about a intelligence report given the day before the riots. Pittman served as army chief after resigning, but returned to his job as chief inspector in August following a vote of no confidence from official-files. Gallagher held Pittman’s job during his tenure, but returned to his former job as soon as he did the same. The whistleblower left the Capitol Police six months after the Capitol riots.

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