Where is Brian Laundrie? The concept of being able to see on the Appalachian Trail

Brian Laundrie’s search is intensifying as the FBI is investigating new detectives. The latest comes from an Appalachian Trail traveler who tells FOX News talked to a man he is convinced is Laundrie.

“I’m 100 percent sure he’s a boy. My heart was pounding,” salesman Dennis Davis told FOX News.

Davis explained to FOX News the moment he hooked up with a man in a white truck he thinks was actually wanted by refugee Brian Laundrie, the only known prosecutor in the case of Gabby Petito. It was around 12:30 Saturday morning near Tennessee – North Carolina border.

“I started talking to men. I could talk there. He wasn’t, something that didn’t stand up to him,” Davis said.

After the man left, Davis looked at Laundrie’s photos on his cell phone. Convinced that he was, he called 911 and the FBI.

“I’m telling you this was a boy,” Davis said.

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Meanwhile, Petito’s family is heading to Twitter. Gabby Nicole Schmidt’s mother posted on Saturday, writing the words, “Mother bear is angry! Repent you! @JosephPetito agrees.”

While concerns may be building up over the search, former FBI representative and USF law professor Bryanna Fox says law enforcement may know more than they do.

“If the FBI or law enforcement agencies are conducting an investigation, keeping their cards close to their chest depends on ensuring that the integrity of this investigation is maintained,” Fox said.

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Some of the big questions are still out there: What exactly did the Laundrie family know? And when did they find out?

“At this point in time Gabby is said to be missing when Laundrie’s family was together. Apparently Brian is not there. If they did anything at that time to help him escape to the state, state or state, they certainly could be facing charges,” defense attorney Alex Little told FOX news.

The Laundrie family’s attorney says Brian’s parents are unaware of him, adding in a statement that any charges they helped to flee the FBI are “just serious.”


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