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FitPreneurShip, an online training platform for modern entrepreneurs, has released a new report to classify the usefulness of WhatsApp as a marketing tool.

As advertising moves toward up -to -date marketing methods gaining more attention in the business world, the new report looks at the unpopular popularity trend and some of its benefits.

The new report can be found at: https://fitpreneurship.com/online-marketing/3-steps-to-your-whatsapp-marketing-strategy

Introducing advertisers to the many methods that can be used to use WhatsApp’s features, which FitPreneurShip suggests can be just as effective for marketing as other social media platforms.

According to a survey conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank, more than 80% of consumers do research on the website before deciding to make a purchase. Given the unquestionable position towards digital marketing, it is not surprising that online marketing is at the forefront of many advertising campaigns.

Most marketing agencies today will promote some form of social media, but many businesses aren’t sure if these methods are effective. With the latest report, FitPreneurShip provides a 3-step solution that any business can afford.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp is not usually used for ads. As the author explains, the first step in developing an application for selling a business is to build a contact list. There are several suggested methods that can help in this regard. Known as the ‘lead magnet’, it encourages customers to do good things and promote the promotions they offer to exchange with WhatsApp customers ’details.

However, FitPreneurShip emphasizes that gaining a large number of customers will be a waste of effort if the content provided by a business is not relevant. Understanding the purpose of listening is a cornerstone of any marketing strategy, and using WhatsApp to generate interest is no different. Those new to number marketing should always remember their subscription lists and advertise the services they want.

The report also reveals a challenge that consumers may face when using WhatsApp as a marketing tool. The platform has a maximum limit of 5 groups or individuals to which one message can be sent. The company investigated this limitation, and recommended some application forms that could be used to resolve it.

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Interested parties can learn more about selling WhatsApp by visiting: https://fitpreneurship.com/online-marketing/3-steps-to-your-whatsapp-marketing-strategy

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