What Is Ambitious Marketing And How Can You Use It In Your Small Business? – Small Business Show 211

We all strive for greatness. Marketers have used this urge to be a better person, own the best, achieve the best, and be unique to create iconic brands that we all know. What is Ambitious Marketing and is there a way to use it in your small business?

Sophisticated marketing involves striving for a lasting and meaningful way of achieving or becoming something specific. This urge for something better or unique is so strong that people make terrible financial decisions just to be seen driving a particular brand of car, wearing a particular brand of clothing, or wearing a particular brand of handbag.

Think about the January gym membership – they sell an ambitious story about what you COULD become if you just sign up for a membership.

Think of fashion shows from companies like Chanel, Gucci or Victoria Secret – they try to get customers to their brand and stores who want to look the way they see it on the catwalk – even if that is impossible.

Recently your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton Thought a lot about ambitious marketing and how small businesses could use some of these tactics to connect with our customers on a deeper, more emotional level, attract new customers and ultimately increase our sales.

Join this episode of the Small Business Show today to discuss how ambitious marketing can help your business. Visit us at the after the show Small business support group to share your story.

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