West Virginia governor gets testy on questions about handling Covid surge

In an interview that highlighted the sharp controversy surrounding all aspects of the constitution surrounding the epidemic, their disagreements continued through the discussion of political policies, drug measures and child rights. Justice used and repeated the phrase “out loud” to show his anger.

“There is no chance,” Justice said in response to Brennan’s questions about why his management does not consider California’s leadership in vaccinating 12- to 17-year-olds.

“I firmly believe that power separates us and divides us. From a professional perspective, I do not believe in forcing our freedom many times, ”he said after reprimanding Brennan for his questionnaire.

Speaking that the American people had to “stand by us,” Justice added: “By crying out loud, we are Americans.”

Brennan went on to pressure him on the matter, noting that some contraceptives were prescribed: “Why don’t you want to protect those children by prescribing them?”

“To think that I do not want to protect children is absurd,” Justice said, adding that the decision should be in the parents’ hands. parents. ”

According to other countries, West Virginia experienced a number of incidents in September related to the Delta gap, but West Virginia’s numbers are worse than most. The Washington Post player lists the country as the second-highest rate of new cases per person in the country, after Alaska and the second-highest rate of Covid deaths per person after Idaho. Justice said he saw reason to expect the situation to improve.

“We are at the advanced stage of our surgery here, and we are very confident that it is starting to decline. It’s going down some way, “Justice said.

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