‘We’re going to make his life miserable’: Staff are not yet done with Kyrsten Movie

The planned demonstrations show the next segment of the angry mob that has taken over the cinema, which has been holding a major domestic spending program at the heart of Biden’s economic plan.

Last week, your-face-to-face advice came to the fore when protesters who followed Cinema in the bathroom took her away. On Monday, they followed him to Boston where he would compete in a marathon with a foot injury that prevented him from competing.

Meanwhile, demonstrators down in Arizona describe members of the Cinema exploding with anxiety.

“They want someone to listen and the fact that this is not happening is irritating,” said Yolanda Bejarano, state lawmaker and director of the Communicational Workers of America. “The people are no strangers to him. They helped him get selected. ”

During the demonstration, these groups are going to take a petition in an effort to continue to encourage Cinema to sign a law that strengthens organizations and the right to planning.

The Cinema Office had no comment on the next round. Asked about the negative nature of other methods, such as following a Movie in the bathroom of Arizona State University where she teaches a teacher’s course, the assistant pointed to a statement The Movie was released last week.

In it, the senator said he supported freedom of speech but was concerned about the position placed on his students, some of whom said they were photographed in the bathroom. The cinema also noted that he and his office had previously met with LUCHA Arizona, immigrants involved in the ambush.

“During the 19 years I have been teaching at ASU, I have committed myself to creating a safe and intelligent environment for my students. Yesterday, the area was broken, ”Sinema said in a statement. “My students were subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment. This is totally inappropriate. ”

In an interview, he said several of the protesters’ groups said they did not see their members using such methods. But, again they did not apologize for the behavior, presenting themselves as an act of frustration with the voters not being able to reach the prime minister.

“He lets them go and kicks them out,” Bejarano said. “When you demean someone, that’s unbearable.”

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