Virginia mother who survived Maoist China says DOJ, a school conference group uses ‘communist tactics’

A Virginia mother who endured Mao’s Cultural Revolution before moving to the US said the National School Boards Association and the Justice Department are using methods similar to those they saw Communist China stop parents from speaking.

“When I was in China, I spent all my school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I am well aware of the Communist methods of dividing the people, how they abolished Chinese culture and destroyed our heritage,” Xi Van Fleet told Fox News. “All of this is happening here in America.”

“They call (ed) them racism for a long time, but that didn’t work,” Van Fleet said, referring to parents who spoke on the issue of running races. “So, they need to be promoted to domestic terrorists.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland last week announced, among other attempts, a team to look into how the “union code” could be used to prosecute a disciplinary action against school staff. He said harassment and violence against school staff had increased and that “intimidation of civil servants is not only a crime, it is against the morals of our country.”


The National School Boards Association said days before Garland’s announcement that such threats and violence “could be proportional to the nature of domestic terrorism.”

Van Fleet told Fox News: “I have to say, this will go back. If the threat works, America has fallen long ago.”

Van Fleet, who made headlines in June when he spoke to the Loudoun County School Board about his concerns about the doctrine of violence, joined parents in neighboring Fairfax County who are criticizing the DJ’s actions.

“I have a question. What.” [the] the next step? Will the looting of Tiananmen Square follow, if their parents will one day risk their lives to tell only the children? That’s why I’m here, “Van Fleet told Fox News.

Harry Jackson, Fairfax County, Virginia, parent and president of the Thomas Jefferson High School Parent Teacher Student Association, said parents in their community were shocked after the announcement.

“I can understand parents who don’t want to talk in front of school board members about their problems, because right now there are fears,” Jackson told Fox News.

“They instilled fear in the parents,” he continued. “They have created fear within the community in which you must work and support.”

Suparna Dutta, who recently released her son from Thomas Jefferson High School, echoed Jackson’s comments, calling the DOJ’s announcement “terrible.”

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“I’m scared,” Dutta told Fox News. “But still, I believe I’m living in a time when if I don’t wait for my baby and don’t support it well in America, I don’t know what the next generation is left with.” and. “

Van Fleet said parents should not be intimidated by recent events.

“This is for your children,” said Van Fleet, whose son graduated from Loudoun High School in 2015. “For me, I am fighting it because it is our future. The future of this world. So we cannot be intimidated.”

Michael Ruiz and Matt Wall contributed to this report.

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