Vaya Island Success Story with Instagram and Brand Ambassadors

Just live with John Moran from Vaya Island

What is your small business story? Are you promoting your geographic location as a strength? Do you promote your authenticity? How do you find the influencers who will help you grow your Instagram presence? Join us in episode 72 of the Small Business Show to find answers to these and more questions!

Vaya Island’s John Moran is coming to the Small Business Show this week to discuss how he’s built a successful business and huge social media followers in no time. John shares how he expanded his Ambassador program to over 5,000 by sharing products and discounts with loyal fans on Instagram, where he has over 23,000 followers who love Vaya Island’s products and Vaya message of a positive and love a stress-free lifestyle.

The history of Vaya Island is inspiring from which we can all learn. Listen and let us know your thoughts with a short text message or voicemail to 401-472-4249!

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