USTR Katherine Tai vows to fulfill the first part of the agreement

The U.S. Attorney Businessman Katherine Tai testifies before the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on May 12, 2021.

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Washington should comply with the US-China trade agreement in the first phase of the trade deal and will raise more demands with Beijing, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai will say Monday, according to his office.

“Today, I will place at the forefront the Government’s vision to streamline our trade measures to China to protect the interests of American workers, businesses, farmers and farmers, and to strengthen middle class,” said the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

“China has made commitments to benefit other American industries, including agriculture which we must adhere to,” Tai is expected to say.

CNBC reported last week that a top business adviser would announce that Beijing had not complied with the first agreement reached under President Donald Trump.

Tai was ready to give a speech on Monday, outlining Biden’s management of China’s management. He will be speaking at Washington think-tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, at 10 am ET.

According to the prepared statement, Tai will say the US has “concerns” about “China’s governmental and non-market practices” which were not mentioned in the first section.

“As we work to comply with the terms of Part One, we will sue Beijing,” he said.

The first part is an agreement

In a trade agreement, signed in January 2020, Beijing pledged to buy up to $ 200 billion in goods and services over 2020 and 2021, compared to 2017. The agreement that halted the trade war between the US and China lasted for about two years. .

As of August, however, China has reached 62% of that target, based on US output data recorded by the think tank Peterson Institute for International Economics.

The head of management told reporters that US President Joe Biden believes the first phase “has not effectively addressed our concerns with China’s trade.”

“Unlike their predecessor, President Biden is going to hold China accountable where China is failing to deliver on its commitments,” the official said during a phone call.

The U.S. Attorney Trade will say on Monday: “We will use the full range of tools we have and develop new tools as needed. protect America’s economic interests from harmful policies and practices. “

He is also expected to announce a formal tax-exempt approach to firms to avoid penalty taxes, and to hold “open talks” with other Chinese in the coming days.

US officials have said in the past that they have called for a first-term agreement to be reviewed, and that Washington would not seek negotiations on a second-party agreement.

“We know that China can only change, and that we need to have a system that deals with China as it is, rather than acting as we would like,” said one official.


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