US ‘worries’ on China ‘disrupts military action near Taiwan’

The State Department said on Sunday that the US was “concerned” with China’s “military offensive against Taiwan” following Beijing’s recent air strike near an independent island.

“The United States is deeply concerned about China’s Philippine military offensive near Taiwan, which is destabilizing, dangerous to disrupt, and disrupting peace and stability. We urge Beijing to end military, diplomatic, and economic pressures and to intensify attacks on Taiwan,” a spokesman for the State Department said. Ned Price said in a statement.

On Friday, China flew 38 military planes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, considered to be the largest military offensive in Beijing.

On Saturday, it sent 30 fighter jets to Taiwan.

Since the beginning of the year, China has been continuing to deploy military aircraft in Taiwanese airspace as part of its efforts to strengthen its position on the island.

“China has been embroiled in a military and military coup, disrupting peace in the region,” Taiwan Minister Su Tseng-chang said on Saturday.

“We have lasting peace and security across the Taiwanese road. We will continue to assist Taiwan in maintaining its full capacity for self-defense, and will maintain our commitment as outlined in the Third Communiqu├ęs, Taiwan Relations Act, and Six Assurance,” Price said in a recent statement.

“The US commitment to Taiwan is strong and conducive to maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and within the region,” he added. “We will continue to stand with friends and colleagues to promote our collective success, security, and character by deepening our relationship with democracy in Taiwan.”

In the summer, the Group of Seven (G-7) countries called for a “status quo” in the region to be maintained.

“We remain deeply concerned about the situation in the Eastern and South China Seas and strongly oppose any attempt to change the situation and increase instability,” G-7 said in a statement.


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