US Navy awards $ 151 million to small business IT firms

The US Navy has awarded a total of $ 151 million to five small businesses. According to the US Department of Defense site, these five companies will provide full IT lifecycle support for the central facility management, construction management and installation management systems of the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC).

US Navy awards $ 151 million to small business IT firms

A public contract is a great source of income for businesses of all sizes. However, this is especially true for small business owners. With millions of dollars to be won, winning a contract from the federal government can be a source of income for several years.

In this special case, the contract term will not exceed 66 months. And the expected completion date is March 2027.

The winning companies will perform, but are not limited to, the following tasks. These include system development lifecycle and cybersecurity support, business system operation and support, IT operations management and enterprise, cloud operation / migration / system development, secure infrastructure and analysis, and administrative services.

The $ 151 million goes to:

  • Chitra Productions LLC
  • SV Synergies LLC
  • OSCTech LLC
  • AttainX Inc.
  • Stellar Innovations and Solutions Inc.

This offering was competitive through the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website and the Federal Business Opportunities website, with a total of 28 proposals received.

While not every small business has the expertise to bid on these contracts, the federal government has tens of billions of dollars each year dedicated to small businesses.

Small Business Contracts

In fiscal 2020, federal government contracts for small businesses were a record $ 145.7 billion. With a mandate to give small businesses 23% main contracts, it exceeded that amount to 26.01% in 2020.

In addition, the federal government would like disabled veterans, women and disadvantaged companies to apply for these contracts. As the largest customer in the world, the US federal government is constantly looking for vendors. And according to Small Business Administrator Isabel Guzman: “Our goal this year and every year is to ensure that small businesses can be like the giants in our economy and to create conditions that guarantee their success.”

So, if you’re a small business owner, find out what the government is looking for and place your bid. And remember, your business doesn’t have to be a high-tech company.

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