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Joseph McClendon III is a PhD in Neuropsychology and the ultimate performance specialist. He taught at the University of California, Los Angeles for seven years and lectured at Harvard University and many Fortune 500 companies in the US and around the world. Joseph has worked with bestselling author Tony Robbins since 1986 and has conducted hundreds of coaching sessions, seminars and workshops. He has featured over 3 million people worldwide and is an expert at helping people overcome fears and challenges that are hindering their progress.

Today Joseph shares his path to become the world’s most in-demand ultimate performance coach. It reveals why many people struggle with productivity and performance and how you can control your inner voice. He shares the teaching methods he uses to help people overcome fears and improve their performance. Joseph also reveals what Neuro Encoding is, the most common things he helps business owners with and how best to lead people.

“The world is not our challenge; Most of the time it is us. “- Joseph McClendon III

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This week on the SmallBizChat podcast:

  • How Joseph became the world’s most sought-after ultimate performance specialist
  • Why people struggle with performance and productivity
  • How to manage your inner dialogue in a way that is beneficial to you
  • The “tell, show, try, do” teaching method used by Joseph
  • What Neuro Encoding is and how Joseph uses it to help his clients
  • The difference between therapist and business coach
  • The most common topics Joseph discusses with business owners
  • What leadership is and how best to lead people

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