Trump Attorney John Eastman Remembers ‘Unreasonable’ Protest by Pence After Election

A lawyer convinced Donald Trump that he could overthrow the 2020 presidential election described a time in the Oval Office when Mike Pence tried to misrepresent the former president in an interview with him. The New York Times released Saturday. John Eastman has drafted a dual-law memo explaining how former Vice President Mike Pence would refuse to disclose the results of the 2020 presidential election, thereby increasing Trump’s power. Eastman described a meeting with Mr. Trump and Pence there The time: “What we asked [Pence] to make a delay to proceed with the request of the state courts to look into the matter … My mind was aware that an uncontrollable break with Trump was about to come, and he was trying to delay that unsettled period as long as he could. ”

Eastman said he had told Pence the vice president had the power to delay the election, but a source close to Pence told him The time who Eastman said Pence did not. When John Eastman first met Donald Trump’s aides in Philadelphia the weekend after the election, he seized COVID-19 from them in just 15 minutes, according to The time. Eastman reportedly also told Mr. Trump that he could stop the practice of birth control, preventing children born to non-American citizens from taking American citizenship. The time. He later admitted — Attorney General William Barr that his advice stood on a tenuous legal basis.

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