Transition from worker to teacher

How easy has it been for you to teach the transition from daily work in your small business to another so you can focus on the business? Harald Sinow, co-founder of MacStation in Vancouver, realized that if he was to grow his business, he had to change his focus from being the best worker to being the best teacher.

Join us at the Small Business Show today to learn how Harald has focused on this transition, as well as the cash flow and hiring to ensure his business is successful. We also discuss how to raise a “family” out of your customers and employees and how to “fire” yourself as quickly as possible so that your best people can do their best work.

We end the show with a discussion of what happened after Harald sold his company, the impact of a year-long tour of Europe to get back in touch with his family, and assistance in starting young small business owners (Harald’s children! ).

That was a particularly useful show folks. If you are interested in creating or continuing your own Charmed Life, listen!

Chapters / timestamps and links:

00:00:00 Small Business Show # 89 October 19, 2016
00:01:18 Interview with Harald Sinow – co-founder of MacStation in Vancouver
00:02:20 Used college courses as a development study for MacStation
00:02:52 Timing matters!
00:04:33 Manage your cash flow
00:06:48 Change to management – hire slowly and fire quickly
00:08:24 Have a hiring process that limits your opportunities for error
00:10:44 Word of mouth matters. Be careful about tracking your customers
00:12:00 Manage your recommendations.
00:13:00 Build a “family” out of your customers – keep track of their unique details
00:14:03 “Nobody can do it better than me”
00:15:00 Become a good teacher
00:16:26 Favorite mistake: “Don’t fire early enough”
00:17:08 Build a great culture – have fun. Being able to let go – the best measure of success.
00:19:48 Make sure your business is geared towards selling
00:22:08 Traveling and exploring will help you figure out what you will be doing at home
00:24:28 Send your children to the dragon’s lair!
00:27:57 Find an accountability partner

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