Tim Cote Commonwealth Foreign Exchange

How many business ideas came from a group of people sitting around with a few beers? Must be thousands, maybe millions, right? But if you look past the idea stage and see how many of these people actually implemented one of those ideas, the numbers go down exponentially. This week at the Small Business Show we can spend time with one of these guys who has built and built an extremely successful business. Listen and learn how Tim Cote turned the Commonwealth Foreign Exchange from an idea over a few beers into a powerhouse in the currency exchange and payment processing industry. Tim shares some great stories about how he struggled to pay the bills when Commonwealth was young to hire their first employee who is still with them today.

We had a great time talking to Tim, learning about Commonwealth and sharing stories about the transition from idea to execution. Get involved and let us know what you think! Send an SMS or leave a voicemail at 401-472-4249.

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