Three valets were severely beaten by a police flight in Texas

Three valets were hit by a car fleeing police in Houston, Texas, as local law enforcement.

Houston Police Chief Yasar Bashir said in a press conference on Friday three valets were pronounced dead at the scene after a car trying to get away from police allegedly hit them.

On the night of the change police sergeant turned on his headlights Friday night to take the car after he saw the driver making deals in a private parking lot.

Bhashir said the car sped off after a police officer turned on the headlights trying to escape.

The car hit three valets before they ended up in a ditch.

Police say the car appeared to be traveling at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour when it crashed, but the driver’s and driver’s injuries appeared to be life-threatening – they were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

“We’re out here because one person thought they didn’t want to get a ticket or they might go to jail for a mistake,” Harris County District Attorney General Sean Teare said.

The driver could be charged with three counts of murder, and investigators are investigating whether he was paralyzed at the time of the incident.


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