Three Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Guide

It has been well established that over the past few years, video has been one of the key growth topics in global marketing – viruses and blockchain systems have confirmed the need for small businesses to embrace this model into their marketing campaigns.

Research has shown that by February 2021 75% of consumers in the UK have increased their online activity. Our own VisualGPS research shows that 4 out of 10 GenZ or Millennial customers are more likely to be influenced by a video to choose a small business to buy from, rather than a visit by people.

A recent study also points to the fact that video is one of the most useful stories right now. In particular, 92% of marketers who use video say it is an important part of their strategy, 86% of businesses have already used video as a marketing tool and 89% report that video has a positive impact. return on investment.

For small businesses, it allows viewers to gain an in -depth understanding of how a product or service works, and learn about you as a business and your customers, generating a better customer relationship. .

And, video is no longer an “nice-to-have” marketing tool-it’s a battle. But for many, the barriers to creating the best visual effects, especially the price, are still considered superior.

While you’re looking for ways to keep your budget in check, there are many tools that make it easy to create videos with great potential, without reducing impact. Here are a few tips to integrate video into your marketing strategy:

  1. Click on video clips

As businesses move hundreds or thousands of marketing assets a year to connect and attract their audiences, video games are a good and inexpensive way to get expensive in the beginning of video games.

While video has often been more expensive than images, platforms like iStock are offering programs that put on -demand customers access to millions of videos at an affordable price. in any budget. It also allows customers to license videos for as low a price as a few dollars per clip.

  1. Use free photo editing software

Entrepreneurs understand the video market is critical to the growth of their bottom line, but creating video content can be time consuming, expensive and difficult.

These pains, in turn, prevent many small businesses from making their videos, but leave customers and stories on the table. This is why it is important to choose a video editing tool that offers an easy -to -use user experience that eliminates the need for complexity and does not require any prior design or editing experience.

The foundation should also offer easy to this step-by-step guide to help users from the beginning to the end of the design-building process.

In the end, the platform should also provide access to a wide variety of images, videos, music and graphics, to allow creators to get the right look and deliver the right message for any business with customizable colors. , reservations, layouts, logos, templates, and call-to-actions to develop everything from social media ads to marketing materials in minutes.

  1. Increase the reach of your videos by adding keywords.

No matter how skeptical your visual cues are, when your audience doesn’t see it, they don’t get the expected results.

It also includes SEO keywords that are simple, but often overlooked, steps for improving video content, and are essential for marketing technology success. Start by conducting a search engine on the topic of your video – there are a few tools, such as Keywords Everywhere, that find keywords to use and tell you how often they appear in search engine results.

Once keywords have been chosen, use them in places such as video titles, descriptions (keep them short!), File titles, and any content ads written on the website or social media. It’s important to rank keywords within content, and it gives you a better chance of appearing in search engines.

As well as fostering friendships, videos are proven to help small businesses grow their audience and increase loyalty. In fact, 84% of consumers surveyed in a recent survey stated that they believed they were buying a product or service by watching a certain type of video.

However, it is important to remember that the requirements must be appropriate to drive a good ROI.

For small businesses looking to drive sales using video content, you need to make sure that the content is relevant or what your values ​​are, insights from our Visual Arts. research found that 77% of UK consumers are largely loyal to the brands their actions combine with or support their values.

By developing video content that suits your small business you can win big, without breaking the bank.

Grant Farhall is iStock’s leading producer


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