The White House will not guarantee that packages arrive by Christmas time among items for sale

White House journalist Jen Psaki told reporters on Wednesday that although the Biden regime had made strenuous efforts to resolve global issues, it could not guarantee that the packages would arrive by Christmas.

Psaki opened Wednesday’s daily press conference by noting that President Joe Biden had secured key commitments for sailors to work 24/7 in order to alleviate the holiday deficit. But there is no guarantee that the packages will arrive on time.

“We are not the Post Service or UPS or FedEx,” Psaki said. “We cannot promise. What we can do is use each lever to the federal government to control the delay. “


“We can’t assure you too much here, and I’m not going to do it because we know there’s a lot going on around the world,” he continued.

Biden officials have been concerned about the shortfall in the holiday season, which will be a recent political issue for the president, who has been suffering from a number of issues.

“The news we are hearing about the warning is that if you want to have your kids Christmas toys, it could be the first time to buy them because the delay could be for months,” Deputy President Kamala Harris warned in August. .

There is a large shipping center in Southern California. California’s coronavirus security and staff shortages have left Los Angeles and Long Beach resorts, which account for about 40% of all US sales, operating at about 60% capacity.


The management is also struggling with severe price problems throughout the economy. Psaki called the price a “walking” increase but admitted it was “an issue that was confusing [the public] almost every day. ”

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