The White House is in the process of releasing information about Trump to congressional observers

“According to President Biden, the events of January 6 were a turning point in the history of our country, and they represented an attack on the foundations of our constitution and democracy in a way that has few exceptions,” White House spokesman Michael Gwin said. in a statement to CNN.

“The administration is very committed to ensuring that such a thing never happens again and supports the investigation of the incident,” Gwin said. “That is why his administration has been consulting with Congress on matters relating to January 6 for several months now and will continue to do so, including the Election Committee.”

At the end of last month, Mr. Trump threatened to solicit privileges from officials in an attempt to block the Capitol’s House of Commons Commission from receiving a major report from US government offices, even though his successor had the final say that the information was shared.
The House select committee has begun investigating the investigation on January 6. As part of that, the group has sent requests for information from a number of government agencies, including the National Archives, the custodian of the Trump administration Whitehouse records.
The court requested “all documents and communications within the White House” on the day, including telephone poles, sheds and meetings with senior executives and external consultants, including Rudy Giuliani.

Biden White House seeks to reduce its size by supporting search powers, according to a source known for its leadership thinking. Such a situation simplifies the way for House inspectors to have access to documents and to seek evidence from White House officials from the previous administration.

But any election from the Biden White House could continue to escalate into a legal battle with Mr Trump and members of his administration who have evidence to be sought, possibly delaying the availability of observers. Biden has the final say on whether the higher right can be revoked, but in many ways, this is a new area of ​​law.

In anticipation of the subpoenas from the select committee, lawyers for the White House and the Legal Department have been meeting to outline how Biden’s management will address the judiciary.

It is a thorny issue because the move could set the stage for future presidents and their leadership – likely to give the Congress-controlled GOP a chance to get things from the ruling Democrat branch.

The first sign of Biden’s leadership thinking came out in recent months in letters allowing former Trump officials to give evidence to other congressional committees investigating the January 6 attacks.

“Unusual developments in this regard create a precarious situation requiring accommodation in Congress,” judicial lawyers wrote in a letter in July to former officials of the Justice Department.

Many former Trump Justice department officials have given an interview to Congress over their talks with the former President in the past weeks of January 6, violating the usual practice of preventing internal protests.

Letters to former Justice Justices reads: “President Biden thinks it would be inappropriate to give due weight to negotiations with former President Trump and his advisers and staff” in connection with Election Day and former President’s attempts to overturn the results.


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