The top State department chief resigns, opposing Biden’s use of Article 42 to remove emigrants

The head of the Department of State is stepping down in Biden’s administration, drafting a scathing memo on his way out which condemned the use of the Trump administration’s law allowing the government to deport illegal immigrants.

In a memo, obtained by Politico, State department senior adviser Harold Koh opposed the use of the Trump-era Title 42 as “immoral.”

“It is not appropriate for this department which I strongly support,” Koh said in a statement, which was on October 2.

Chapter 42 gives managers the ability to prevent people from entering the country during a health crisis such as the COVID-19 epidemic. Biden officials used to send thousands of foreigners without giving them a chance to apply for asylum.

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But critics of the law like Koh argue that it is illegal.

“I believe the Government’s action on the performance of the Title 42 seat continues to violate our policy of not evicting or returning.” [“refouler”] people are afraid of persecution, death, or harassment, especially migrants fleeing from Haiti, “Koh said, adding that” it is legal, sensible alternatives are available, and there are opportunities to come soon to replace alternatives, the law is bad. “

But the White House and the State Department have argued that their continued use of the law is in line with advice from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The topic 42 is the department of public health, not immigration, and this power is [Center for Disease Control and Prevention], “a White House official spoke on the application of the system of governance.” The CDC has found that the continued eviction of some people under Chita 42 is necessary due to the dangers of transporting and the spread of COVID-19 in convention centers, such as “US Customs and Border Patrol stations, as well as threats from different exits.”

The CDC on Saturday noted that It takes 42 headlines “still needed at this time.”

Chapter 42 has also been the subject of a court case, recently after the US Court of Appeals of the DC Circuit issued a ruling by a judge of the court that the law was illegal. That stay maintained the ability of the officers to proceed using Chapter 42 when the case is being tried.

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But in his memo, Koh noted differences in administrative measures for Afghan refugees fleeing the country after the ousting of the US by asylum seekers at the southern border.

“Our actions and actions towards Afghan refugees stand in stark contrast to the continuing use of Chita 42 to reject the pleas of thousands of Haitians and many others who have arrived in the Southern Border fleeing violence, persecution, or harassment,” Koh said.

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