The suspicion grows amidst the search for a Latino baby missing at home

Authorities in Texas are searching for a three-year-old boy who died Wednesday afternoon after his family returned home from work.

Christopher Ramírez disappeared while his mother, Araceli Núñez, and another family member were unloading groceries in their car at 1:30 p.m. The boy was playing with his dog outside a home in Plantersville and chased it away in the eyes of adults, the family said.

Christopher Ramírez.Grimes County Sheriff’s Office

When the dog returned home, the boy did not.

Núñez, some relatives and neighbors approached Christopher for 20 minutes before informing the authorities.

More than 150 law enforcement agencies from a number of organizations as well as search agencies and volunteers are helping to find Christopher, according to the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office.

While the search is expected to continue night after night, attempts appear to have stalled “Friday afternoon, Sheriff County Sheriff Donald Sowell said.

“We are not getting any tickets through 911 calls or through our shipping center,” Sowell said

“I’m exhausted”

During a Chinese news conference, Núñez pleaded for help to find her son, adding that she believed someone had taken her boyfriend and was hiding from him.

“Please give my baby back to me,” Núñez said in Spanish. “It’s been a long time, I don’t know what to do again. … I’m exhausted.

While authorities look at all the opportunities, Sowell said there are no signs of bad play or theft at the moment.

Sowell said the search team inspected several water tanks and dams in the area. They also conducted ground searches with K-9 units and surveyed the area with drones and helicopters. Officials are investigating the investigation from nearby homes.

Christopher was last seen wearing a light green shirt with trousers and red Mickey Mouse shoes. He is about three feet tall and weighs about fifty pounds.

The boy speaks Spanish and can only understand Spanish, according to the Grimes County Sheriff’s Office.

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