The Neo-Nazi leader has been sentenced to five counts of intimidation of journalists

The Neo-Nazi leader was sentenced to five counts of conspiracy on Wednesday night over a plan to intimidate and intimidate journalists and volunteers, the law ministry (DOJ) announced in a statement.

Kaleb Cole, Washington’s president of the anti-terrorist group “Atomwaffen,” has been behind threats against members of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in addition to members of the media. In particular, they focused on people who were Jewish or journalists of color.

After 90 minutes of court proceedings following a two-day trial, Cole was convicted of conspiracy, three counts of sending threatening media broadcasts and one count of compliance with work maintained by the union. Three other judges pleaded guilty and were sentenced, including Cameron Shea, who was sentenced to three years in prison.

Among the methods Cole used were to send posters or paste them into the homes of those who read, “Visited by the local Nazis” and “Death to the Pig” as well as threatening pictures.

Among those who received the papers was a TV reporter who had spoken about Atomwaffen and two ADL-related people in the Seattle area. A sign is displayed on the bedroom window of the editor of the Jewish lifestyle magazine in Phoenix.

“All the pictures (in the post) were chosen by Kaleb Cole to send a single message ‘We can take you home,” said United States Assistant Attorney Seth Wilkinson. “Cole wanted to intimidate them with the threat of physical injury.”

U.S. Attorney General Thomas Woods also referred to Wilkinson, adding that Cole “was not just sending a hate message, he was just sending a threatening message.”

Cole’s sentence is set for January 11, 2022.


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