The Mercedes EQS has an EPA-certified range of 350 miles

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The Mercedes EQS is a car that starts at $ 102,310 here in the US, and one who advertises a WLPT range of 478 milesthat they use in Europe. In the US, however, the range is EPA approved and usually results in a lower number. For the EQS that came out at 350 miles.

That is according to Green Car Reportsstating that 350 mile range applies to the single engine version called the EQS 450; the dual-motor version, the EQS 580, has a range of 340 miles.

It’s fair to say that many people thought the EPA range for the EQS would be closer to 400 miles, and also closer to that of the Tesla Model S Plaid, which Tesla says is 396 miles. Even so, 350 miles is respectable, at least for ordinary people; it’s better than the Model S Plaid’s 348 miles, too gets with 21 inch tires.

Then there is the Lucid Air that does gets an astonishing 520 miles EPA estimated range and starts at $ 77,400. And there’s the Porsche Taycan, which starts at $ 82,700 and gets 225 miles for the base model, and too the Audi E-Tron GTwhich starts at $ 100,945 and has a range of 238 miles.

There are enough of those in this segment now that buyers have some choices to make; I suspect most of them will go for the luxury brand they already prefer. Lucid will definitely be the most interesting as they have no track record and also have the car with the longest range and the most kilometers. For years we have talked about range fear and the sensitivity of electric car buyers to it and also whether that is even a thing. Well, now we have more or less the cars to find out. Choose your fighter.


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