The Italians knew about America 150 years before Columbus left

The people of Genoa knew about the Americans more than 150 years before their famous son in the New World, according to a study conducted at the University of Milan.

A Genoese soldier wrote a report from sailors of a land far more dangerous than Greenland, inhabited by the “giant”, in 1340, long before Christopher Columbus sailed the blue sea in 1492, The Times of London reports.

Paolo Chiesa led the research at the University of Milan.
University of Milan

“In this country, there are buildings with such large stones that no one could build with them, except for giant giants. There are also so many lush vegetation, wild animals and birds, ”said the warrior Galvaneus Flamma, who wrote the same article in Cronica Universalis.

“This amazing discovery was the first to be announced around the Mediterranean in the American continent, and if Columbus had known what these pilots knew it could have helped him make his journey,” said Paolo Chiesa, who led research at the University of Milan. His team’s findings are contained in the Terrae Incognitae, the Society’s Journal of Natural History.

The stories were passed from Viking sailors, whose historians say they first visited North America around the year 1000.

“Nordic legends describe these journeys, but so far there has been no evidence that the voice of this country has spread to the Mediterranean,” Chiesa said.

One copy of Cronica Univesalis is available and sold by Christie to every American retailer in 1996 for $ 14,950.

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A Genoese friar recorded accounts from sailors on the continent over Greenland in 1340.
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Portrait of a Man, Called Christopher Columbus
The people of Genoa knew that America existed more than 150 years before Christopher Columbus, as a search.
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It remains unpublished, even though a public list is being prepared, The Times reports.


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