The guilty verdict came in the case of two parents in a college admitting a complaint

Some parents have been charged with bribery to send their children to higher education.

A guilty verdict was reached Friday afternoon in the trial of John Wilson and Gamal Abdelaziz, two wealthy fathers accused of bribery to get high places for their children’s college under false pretenses.

Wilson and Abdelaziz were the first of 12 defendants to appear in front of Boston in connection with the crimes caused by Operation Varsity Blues.

They pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery.

Abdelaziz, a former Las Vegas casino official, allegedly paid $ 300 to enroll his daughter at the University of Southern California as a basketball player even though he did not make her a varsity high school team.

Wilson, a former Staples boss, is said to have paid $ 200 million for his son’s choice of USC water polo and offered another $ 1 million to take his twin daughters to Harvard and Stanford.

When the two men argued that the money they were paying to Rick Singer was a legal contribution, the judges agreed with the judges that they were bribing them to buy these schools for their children.

U.S. Attorney General Frank Frank told the judges during the closing session.

The Jurors considered for almost 11 hours over two days. Abdelaziz will be tried on February 16 by Wilson on February 17.

The trial featured a recording of a phone call between the Singer, who admitted guilt and agreed to join the investigation, and each of these men. Prosecutors disputed the calls showed the fathers understood they were taking a plan.

Abdelaziz hears on the phone, “Sabrina loves USC!” The singer is also heard saying, “I will not tell the IRS that your $ 300,000 was paid to Donna Heinel at USC for Sabrina to attend school even though she was not an official basketball player at that stage.”

“Can you handle that?” The singer asked.

“Yes,” Abdelaziz replied.

ā€œIā€™m saying your $ 300,000 of compensation was made to our foundation to help vulnerable children,ā€ Singer said. “I just want to make sure you’re OK with it.”

“I am,” Abdelaziz replied.

The other three parents are expected to face tests in January, and three teachers are scheduled for November.

Twelve others, including actors Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, have chosen to plead guilty, and many have already handed down their sentences.

ABC News’ Kate Hodgson provided for this report.

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