The Florida School Boards Association condemns the national group’s call for the government to be involved in parental protests

The Florida School Boards Association (FSBA) is pushing back from foreign attacks on a coalition government to intervene and help in intimidating school officials.

While the FSBA says it is “deeply concerned” for the safety of board members and school officials following recent reports of intimidation and protests, it does not fully agree with a letter sent by the National School Boards Association to President Joe Biden, urging the federal government to “investigate threats” against school officials. ” public schools and their academic leaders are under threat. “

In a letter sent by the federal government to NSBA officials on Monday, the FSBA said the national organization had made its request to the federal government “without consulting our organization or your board of directors” and called it a “NBA leadership review.”


“The FSBA strongly encourages the evaluation of NSBA leadership and its practices, as well as encourages public acceptance of the government summary outlined in your letter,” wrote Andrea Messina, FSBA’s executive director. “It has not only been unnecessarily diverted from the vital work being done by our members, it has also undermined social relations and government that our members have worked hard to build and maintain for years.”

The letter stated that tensions between the state “Governor, the Legislature, the rule of law, the region, and our members are in conflict with our commitment to the right to the First Amendment of citizens, which we believe is the basis of democracy and will always protect.”

FSBA has also made it clear that it wants to “encourage and welcome parents, as well as other concerned citizens in our school board meetings to have a fun, respectful, and public discussion,” adding that members “respect Florida’s open meeting rules, invite” divided religions, and believe to hear from they have to do with the brand is a sign of social cohesion well

The FSBA also announced that it was withdrawing its 2020-2021 funding, which was due in July, because it had withdrawn from “NSBA governance, leadership, transparency, and failure to accept disunity.”

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Last week, in response to an NSBA letter to Biden management, the Department of Justice released a memo indicating that it would investigate acts of violence on school boards around the country from parents displaying masks and race lessons.

Christina Pshaw, Ron DeSantis journalist, said the governor applauded the FSBA “for upholding parental rights and the First Amendment in Florida counties.”

“The FSBA has emphasized that the protest is not domestic violence. The protest is not a threat.

“But in rare cases where tensions can cross into the threat zone, Florida lawmakers are ready to protect the Florida, whether they are senior candidates or concerned citizens,” he continued. “There is no need for the coalition government to intervene in local affairs and try to convict free speech.”

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