The California pipeline could have been damaged for up to a year before oil was dumped, the US Coast Guard says

The pump makes that big oil is poured off the coast of Huntington Beach last week could have been damaged until a year before it released thousands of gallons of oil into the Pacific Ocean, the US Coast Guard said Friday. Pipes could have been hit several times and dragged under the sea for more than a hundred yards, officials said.

On Tuesday, the US Coast Guard was cut from video evidence to a supports the boat likely stuck and damaged the underwater pipeline, which now has a 13-inch line crack, Coast Guard captain Jason Neubauer said Friday at a press conference. Since the first crack, Neubauer said the pump has seen “significant growth” from injuries.

“It has shown the nature and duration of our investigation up to several months to a year,” he said, adding that the last time the pipeline was found to be in its infancy was in October 2020.

A periodic investigation of the timing of the events that led to the disposal is taking place. Officials said they will review the value of a one-year search for automatic data and Radar images from multiple locations.

“This data is taking time to process and we already have a lot of leads,” said the captain.

The dumping of offshore oil rigs, discovered last weekend, was initially reported to have produced two hundred and six hundred gallons of oil near Huntington Beach in Southern California. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced a emergency situation, and the Orange County Board of Superintendents has announced a community crisis following a report by some that oil was lost in the area.

But this week, officials said they may have been more cautious as they began to speculate on the size of the leak. According to CBS Los Angeles, US Coast Guard captain Rebecca Ore said there was “an estimated 30,000 gallons” – much lower than the original estimate of 266 liters. The numbers have not been confirmed.

“But that would make sense,” he told a news conference, according to CBS Los Angeles.

On Friday, the first boat pulled out of Newport Harbor five days after the closure, CBS LA reporter LA Mechele Gile reported. The surrounding coast was closed following an oil spill by California State Parks on Wednesday and said it was “working hard” to reopen closed beaches amid “this horrific incident.”


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