The authorities are increasing the level of protection, but not without a tradeoff

“This new data shows that staying strong on the vaccine force of health workers is the only right thing to do to protect family members and victims from COVID-19,” he said.

New York City’s public health system is similar to 92% of health care workers killed following permits, a jump from last week, when about 85% of such workers were killed, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told CNN.

He urged independent businesses to do the same and said the permit proved to be “effective” in pushing people to be vaccinated.

“Finally, when it comes to that you have to decide: Will you be able to keep that job, keep that pay, do the right thing, get vaccinated? Most people choose to get vaccinated,” he said.

“I think at some point, this is just human reality. We all respond at set times. We all obey the rules,” he added.

Outside of the treatment center, United Airlines has launched a disease prevention program that began on Monday for its 67 employees. CEO Scott Kirby said 96% of the company’s employees had been vaccinated; excluding employees who requested release, 99% were vaccinated. The company said it had launched a separation process for 538 employees who did not receive a single injection to prevent and report records to the company’s midnight facility.

“There’s no doubt that this is the right thing to do and if it’s the right thing to do, just do it, and you’ll see all the problems, like we did,” Kirby said.

Almost all United staff members obeyed with the defense order

He acknowledged that the work may have angered other workers, but said that the tradeoff was worth it.

“I know that for the United Airlines staff who have been vaccinated because of this, they would be alive a year from now, they wouldn’t have if we hadn’t done this.

Taken together, the evidence to date suggests that preventive measures are effective in forcing people to inject, said Dr. Sanjay Gupta, general secretary of medical for CNN.

It has been evident since before Covid-19 was discovered, he said. For example, during the 2019-20 flu season, US health workers had 94% protection in workplaces prescribing the disease, while workers only had 70% protection in unwanted areas, according to the CDC. to learn.

“They work,” Gupta said of the mandates. “It’s hard for some people to lose their jobs over this, but those numbers speak for themselves.”

Other errors are expected

The authorities, however, have also caused staff issues at several New York hospitals.

No health facilities were closed due to the permit, but the Erie County Medical Center had to stop medical treatment for patients due to a shortage of staff. At the Terrace View Residence-Reservation site, more than 20 percent of employees were not vaccinated and were therefore suspended without pay.

St Joseph’s Health in Syracuse, too, has suspended 12 uninfected workers, and the hospital has said some jobs could be suspended due to staff shortages.

“We are exploring all we can do to help alleviate the potential burden on our employees, including suspending other services, including (our surgical) and adjusting surgery options,” marketing and communications director Jamie Arnold said Wednesday.

The suspended workers arrive on October 8 to inject “or split their faces,” Arnold said. As of Tuesday, about 97% of the 8,880,000 health workers agreed with the protection policy.

Some hospitals said the treatment of patients was not compromised by the loss of staff, though several had to adjust staff schedules.

New York & # 39;  s Covid-19 patent for health workers leads to the suspension of hundreds of employees.

The St. Barnas Hospital Health System, which operates in the Bronx, has 58 staff members who have failed to show evidence of the vaccine since Wednesday, spokesman Steve Clark told CNN. Workers have been suspended and are due Monday morning to show evidence of the injection. If they don’t, they’re doomed, Clark said.

“Caring for patients has not been compromised at all,” Clark said. “The schedules are designed accordingly. People will work longer hours, or part-time workers or staff members will be brought in when needed.

In New York City at a public hospital, Health + Hospitals, about 3,000 workers remain unarmed, said CEO Mitch Katz Wednesday. The total is 2000 fewer unarmed workers than Monday morning, indicating that the work prompted them to take up arms.

Katz noted that since most workers do not work normally Monday to Friday program, many employees within the hospital system still have time to be vaccinated before going home for the first time this week. He said he also hoped that more workers would be vaccinated if they felt they would not be paid.

Five hundred short-term nurses are ready to fill the vacancies, he said.

Teachers and teachers follow

New York City also ordered public school staff, including teachers, to be vaccinated on Friday after the law dropped the charge.

Mayor de Blasio said, as with the health care work, the last time he urged school staff to be vaccinated. On Wednesday morning, he said another 7,000 school workers were stabbed in the city last Friday and Saturday, and 3,000 were stabbed within 24 hours.

Those who have not been vaccinated, however, will be put on leave and may eventually be released if they continue to refuse. This has led to concerns about the shortage of teachers during the difficult academic year.

If a large number of teachers are fired, the mayor said that replacement teachers and “many young people who want to go to teaching,” prepared and retained, will take over the jobs.

New York faces protests over defense forces in schools, courts and health

Accordingly, two prominent local unions, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the Council of School Supervisors and Administrators (CSA), have warned that the city will face severe shortages if uncircumcised workers are kept out of school.

“The reality is that, at the moment, school principals and administrators have been constantly looking to inform us that they are worried about the lack of adequate staff coming Tuesday morning,” CSA president Mark Cannizzaro said last week.

“Maybe we’re going to land in a place where, well, we have five schools in the district that need three or four teachers, and then we have two more schools in the district that need 25 teachers,” said Michael Mulgrew, president of UFT. .

For his part, de Blasio said he would not need children’s vaccinations in schools, saying it was important to send children into schools after Covid-19 had kept people away for so long.

“If a parent says I’m not going to vaccinate my child, I don’t want to punish the child,” he said.

CNN’s Mirna Alsharif, Laura Ly, Pete Muntean, Kristina Sgueglia, Mallory Simon and Taylor Romine contributed to this report.


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