The archbishop says the Catholic army can reject Covid’s vaccines on religion

“This situation raises the question of whether the approval of the vaccine prevents a person from forming a religion that has been recognized as a violation of the conscience,” he wrote. “It’s impossible.”

Broglio expressed support for King Joe Biden’s mandate to defend the military in the past – citing instructions from Pope Francis, the Holy See and the American Catholic Bishops’ Conference that the Covid gun is acceptable. Archbishop has indicated the need for Pfizer and Moderna contraceptives for Johnson & Johnson’s immune response to human cells taken from abortion.

“Johnson & Johnson drug has been developed, tested, and extracted, by a series of cell lines taken from abortion. This remedy, therefore, is troublesome, “he said in a statement.

The question of religious exemptions is being raised around the world as countries and businesses set out the demands of the Covid vaccine, falling in line with Biden’s demands on millions of American workers. A court judge on Tuesday ruled that New York could not force unlicensed health workers to consider applications for pardon – the first religion as an opposition to anti-protection rights.

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