Texas says its abortion is ‘promoting’ central trade

Paxton was referring to a dispute by the Biden leadership over why it should be allowed to challenge a six-week abortion law in a federal court. The Justice Department said the way in which the ban on international trade gives the United States the right to bring charges against it.

Paxton shot again Wednesday and briefly argued that the Legal Department did not provide any “concrete evidence that the Texas Heartbeat Act burdens central trade.”

Moreover, the ban on abortion is encouraging people to cross national borders, he said.

“There is also evidence in the literature that shows that, if anything, the Act encourages instead of restricting foreign travelers,” Paxton said, referring to the number of Texas women seeking to travel to Kansas and Oklahoma to take action.

In court for the first time in court, the president of the clinic Women Trust told the court that the number of calls to its clinics in Kansas and Oklahoma doubled, and a significant proportion of these patients were from Texas.

“About two-thirds of us [Oklahoma City clinic] The call for patients to call now has come from Texas patients seeking abortions that are not available throughout their state, “said the provider, noting that only a quarter of clinical patients from Texas. its Wichita is coming from Texas patients, as it were.

Paxton’s summary was filed in front of a scheduled hearing on Friday, when US Secretary of State Robert Pitman will decide to file a first-ever law. The Justice Department case is one of several courts in the federal and state courts that have opposed the six-week ban, which is contrary to the US Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.

However the six-week ban remained in place due to its design, aimed at tightening the process of obtaining a law-enforcement court order.

In violation of this measure, the Texas Constitutional Court has taken a legal step to prevent Texas authorities from enacting legislation, instead of allowing private citizens – anywhere in the country – to bring legal action against anyone assisting a pregnant woman seeking abortion. of law. In another joint lawsuit filed by the clinics, courts including the Supreme Court referred to this enforcement plan as to why they had not yet been able to intervene to prevent it.

Paxton stressed in recent meetings that, as a rule of law, the federal courts have no jurisdiction to hear the debate and rejected arguments by the Justice Department that people who can bring government suits are acting as “representatives” of the government.

“Texas does not represent the interests of those who bring secret reasons to act,” Paxton said.

“No court can hear the case to see what is in the constitution that is being filed by the plaintiff,” he concluded.

Ariane de Vogue of CNN made this contribution.


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