Tesla Model Y test production spotted in rare Giga Texas indoor video

It seems that test production of the Tesla Model Y in the Gigafactory Texas is now in full swing. This was hinted at in a recently shared video showing some rare footage of the vehicle production area of ​​the upcoming plant.

After the 2021 Annual General Meeting, Maye Musk posted some clips on her Instagram account. The short clips showed multiple views of the Gigafactory Texas, from its sprawling exterior to an obviously busy area of ​​the facility. Elon Musk was seen carrying Baby X while walking alongside his brother Kimbal.

While the post looks more like a regular family update on the Musks, Maye’s Instagram post also offered a rare glimpse of the seemingly newly built Model Y production area of ​​the Gigafactory Texas. Several Tesla Model Ys were seen in various stages of assembly, and at least one unit appears to be almost complete.

Interestingly, the Model Ys were painted black in the recently shared clip, which makes them very similar to a preproduction Model Y that was briefly shared online in late August. The black Model Y, whose picture was posted on Instagram but later quickly deleted, was reportedly one of the first pre-series produced at Gigafactory Texas.

Given that Tesla seems to be well on its way with preproduction of the Model Y in Giga Texas, it wouldn’t be surprising if finished units of the crossover are spotted in the wild in the coming months. After these tests, it should only be a matter of time before production and delivery to customers of the Model Y in Texas begin.

Tesla originally intended to launch its Texas-made Model Y with 4680 batteries, which are currently being manufactured on a pilot line at the company’s Kato Road facility. However, while Tesla waits for its 4680 batteries to ramp up properly, there is much speculation that the company could instead begin production of the Model Y in Giga Texas with 2170 cells. A strategy that Tesla would also pursue for the Gigafactory Berlin, whose 4680 cell system is still under construction.

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Tesla Model Y test production spotted in rare Giga Texas indoor video

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