Terry McAuliffe’s statement ‘not allowing parents’ to choose carriers was his ‘sad’ time: McDowell

On Monday the governor of Alexandria, former Democratic Alliance Governor Terence McAuliffe – running for his second consecutive term – announced “I will not allow parents to come to school and pick up books and go out and make their own choices.”

The award will be his “Basket of Contempt” in an out-of-the-box game in a purple-stained-to-blue world, said “Five” panelist Dagen McDowell – while McAuliffe faces Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin of Falls Church.

McDowell, from Campbell County in southern Virginia, said education in the Commonwealth is not a matter of left or right.

“This could be Terry McAuliffe’s Sad Time Basket,” he said – referring to how Hillary Clinton later controlled voters by announcing during a 2016 event in New York that many of Donald Trump’s supporters are in the “Basket of Sad Things”.

“I’m on the sidelines [of Virginia] the reddish-all, “said McDowell.”[But] this is not a Democrat versus a Republican issue. That was not left opposite to the right. That’s all [about] parents. “

They said McAuliffe, who served four years in Richmond and led Democrat seat Ralph S. Northam, “continues to clash with teacher unions.”

“He is giving parties a blanche to teachers and their unions – parents cannot support what their children are teaching in schools,” he said.

McDowell recalled that McAuliffe had voted three times to select a school from the former international parliament.

As a last resort, the Commonwealth expanded democracy – briefly strengthened by growing numbers of people in Beltway areas such as Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun.

Meanwhile, most of the other 500 miles from there to the Cumberland Gap are very conservative – protect the blue cities like Roanoke, Richmond, Charlottesville and Norfolk.

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While McAuliffe, a former DNC chairman and Clinton trusted, is seeking his second term – as Virginia governors are restricted to a new term – Youngkin is a retired politician from the Carlyle Group, and the winner should be beating unrest among moderate-to-free DC voters in cities – and the violent pro-Trump base down corridors I-81 and US-29.

The last Republican to hold the governorship is Robert F. McDonnell – who led McAuliffe’s last term.

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