How rising Covid cases in Great Britain could be “a compelling argument for boosters”

Former Obama White House Political Director Dr. Kavita Patel explained why the rising number of Covid cases in the UK could be a compelling argument in favor of booster vaccinations. “What is happening is … this real-world experiment where AstraZeneca becomes less effective and they haven’t brought their boosters to market,” said Patel during an … Read more

Injections, masks? Japan is challenging the sudden success of the virus

Injections, masks?  Japan is challenging the sudden success of the virus

TOKYO (AP) – About midnight, Japan became a strange, and in some mysterious, success story for the coronavirus. Every day the new COVID-19 cases dropped from mid-August to a peak of about 6,000 in Tokyo, with stadiums in the downtown area now common below one hundred, 14 months low. The bars are full, the trains … Read more

Bitcoin mining power plant arouses the wrath of environmentalists

One obstacle to large-scale Bitcoin mining is finding enough cheap power to power the huge, power-hungry computer arrays that create and process cryptocurrencies. A mining company in central New York developed a novel solution that alerted environmentalists. It uses its own power plant. Greenidge Generation operates a once-decommissioned facility near the shores of Seneca Lake … Read more

Why China Could Beat Tesla On Its Own EV Game Soon – Bloomberg Quicktake

Why China Could Beat Tesla in Their Own EV Game SoonBloomberg quick start Tesla China’s new king: Model Y overtakes Model 3 in SeptemberTeslarati China’s NEV sales continue to Tesla introduces its new crash safety technology, which is based on collecting data from the real worldElectrek The founder of the Lunchbox Museum by Columbus … Read more

Dr. Scott Gottlieb Says Merck’s Covid Pill “Can Make A Real Difference”

Dr. Scott Gottlieb explained why he was optimistic about Merck’s antiviral Covid pill after the drug maker asked the Food and Drug Administration on Monday to authorize its pill to treat people with mild to moderate symptoms of Covid. “The topline data from this Merck study were probably the best treatment effects we’ve seen with … Read more

Kamala Harris is a video game that expands children’s science

Kamala Harris is a video game that expands children's science

Kamala Harris is being reprimanded for his performance this week on YouTube’s special marketing campaign for children instead of the glory of science and the wonders of the roof. “I just need advice on what to look for in the unknown,” Harris jumped at the chance of the first five-year-old in “Get Curious with Vice … Read more

More than 120,000 U.S. children had caregivers die during the epidemic

More than 120,000 U.S. children had caregivers die during the epidemic

NEW YORK (AP) – The number of US orphans during the COVID-19 epidemic may be higher than previously thought, and the tax rate has risen sharply between Blacks and Spanish Americans, a new study shows. More than half of the children who lost heart care during the course of the disease were of these two … Read more

Why China’s Government Concerns About Plastic Surgery – Bloomberg Quicktake

Why China's Government Concerns About Plastic Surgery - Bloomberg Quicktake

Why the Chinese Government is concerned about Plastic SurgeryBloomberg Fast House Republicans want answers from progressive groups on possible alliances with the Chinese Communist PartyFox News There will be a US-China Cold WarNational Interest We found ‘cat fighters’ evading Chinese jawsChicago Sun-Time After the collapse of Afghanistan, China Xi Jinping Visited the MuseumNational Interest See … Read more

Merck applies for emergency approval for oral Covid-19 treatment

A nurse tends to a Covid-19 patient at SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City on August 24, 2021. Nick Oxford | Reuters Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics plan to apply for emergency approval for their oral antiviral treatment for Covid-19 after the drug shows “convincing results” in clinical trials. The drug molnupiravir reduced the … Read more

COVID-19 vaccine boosters could mean billions for drug makers

Billions more in profits are at stake for some vaccine manufacturers as the US works toward dispensing COVID-19 booster syringes to help protect Americans from the virus. How big the profit for the manufacturer depends on how big the rollout is. U.S. health officials advocated booster injections late Thursday of the Pfizer vaccine for all … Read more