Teens hate Twitter and Facebook

photo: Mladen Antonov (Getty Images) It’s safe to say that The Teens hate Facebook and Twitter as much as the rest of us. At least that is according to a 91 pages opinion poll Published this week by analysts at financial firm Piper Sandler. The long report, titled “Taking Stock With Teens,” surveyed 10,000 US … Read more

Why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram failed on Monday

A woman checks her Instagram account while standing on a street in New York City on October 4, 2021.photo: Ed Jones (Getty Images) Facebook, your uncle’s favorite source for information on how 5G makes everyone communist, Experienced six hour failure Monday. And it wasn’t just Facebook – the company’s other major platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, … Read more

United lets users confirm vaccine status in the Apple Health app

photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Flying in times of pandemic just got a little more convenient for iPhone users traveling on United Airlines. On Friday, United announced that it would allow iPhone users to use the Apple Health app to prove that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. To take advantage of this new service, … Read more

Facebook wants to testify at the Senate hearing about Instagram effects

photo: Joel SAGET / AFP (Getty Images) Facebook officials will soon return to the hallowed halls of Congress, where they will be resumed her favorite pastime: being yelled at by lawmakers for ruining America. This time around, the lucky company representative is Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global security chief, who is set to grapple with allegations … Read more