Walmart aromatherapy spray recalled due to fear of illness

Three of the six brands of aromatherapy sprays are being recalled by Walmart for fear of bacterial Consumer Safety Product Approvals On Friday are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a prime suspect behind a confusing outbreak of melioidosis, a tropical and often fatal bacterial disease rarely found in the United States: … Read more

Tesla Brings Auto Insurance To Texas With New “Safety Score”

photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) After two years of auto insurance for motorists all over California, Tesla is officially offering a similar offering to customers in its new home state of Texas. As an electrician reported first, the big difference lies in the calculation of the driver bonuses: In California, the prices were largely determined … Read more

John Deere workers are on the brink of a strike

photo: Gene Sweeney Jr. / Stringer (Getty Images) John Deere workers are on the verge of a strike after they voted overwhelmingly to reject a new six-year collective agreement recommended by their union, United Auto Workers (UAW). On Sunday, 90 percent of UAW members eligible to vote shot down the new agreement that had been … Read more

Tesla stops rollout of FSD beta for drivers citing concerns

photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) A planned rollout of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta Version 10.2 to around 1,000 Tesla owners with “perfect” safety values ​​was postponed on Saturday. In explaining the delay, CEO Elon Musk stated that there were “some last minute concerns about the build”. Tesla owners were full of excitement Earlier this week, … Read more

Apple is asking the court to suspend the order to open the app store

photo: Eric Thayer (Getty Images) While Apple reported the outcome of its dispute with Epic Games as a “A clear victory” it wasn’t a complete one. The federal judge in the case ordered Apple to allow developers to link to third-party payment portals in the App Store until December 9th, a deadline that the company … Read more

YouTube will stop monetizing climate change denial videos

Climate change deniers can no longer make money from the fact that everything is just a joke. photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo Google cleans up the house: After moving to demonetization last week Anti-vaccine content on YouTube the company has also added Climate Change Denial On List Of Videos YouTubers Can No Longer Make Money … Read more

Teens hate Twitter and Facebook

photo: Mladen Antonov (Getty Images) It’s safe to say that The Teens hate Facebook and Twitter as much as the rest of us. At least that is according to a 91 pages opinion poll Published this week by analysts at financial firm Piper Sandler. The long report, titled “Taking Stock With Teens,” surveyed 10,000 US … Read more

Ministry of Justice sets up national team to enforce cryptocurrencies

photo: Jonathan Ernst Pool (Getty Images) The US Department of Justice announced the introduction of a new investigation team focused on preventing “criminal abuse” of cryptocurrency. The team is known as the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team or NCET for short targets crooked crypto exchanges, money launderers, and other unsavory elements that occupy the dark corners … Read more

Why Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram failed on Monday

A woman checks her Instagram account while standing on a street in New York City on October 4, Ed Jones (Getty Images) Facebook, your uncle’s favorite source for information on how 5G makes everyone communist, Experienced six hour failure Monday. And it wasn’t just Facebook – the company’s other major platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, … Read more

Owen Wilson Star Trek Sketch as Jeff Bezos on SNL

Star treks Pretty cool mostly right? Traveling into space and exploring the stars sounds like a dream, but one we may not experience. Unless, of course, you’re Jeff Bezos and a new one Saturday night live Sketch reminds us how much it is sucks that only the elite gets space to experience. With Owen Wilson … Read more