Why China Could Beat Tesla On Its Own EV Game Soon – Bloomberg Quicktake

Why China Could Beat Tesla in Their Own EV Game SoonBloomberg quick start Tesla China’s new king: Model Y overtakes Model 3 in SeptemberTeslarati China’s NEV sales continue to risewww.electrive.com Tesla introduces its new crash safety technology, which is based on collecting data from the real worldElectrek The founder of the Lunchbox Museum by Columbus … Read more

The electric Silverado will debut at CES with a large glass roof

It is well known that electric vehicles need large glass roofs. It’s an integral part of EV design, and without it, they just won’t work properly. The Mustang Mach-E has one! Okay, bad example. The Tesla Model Y has one! Wait, not that either. The upcoming electric Silverado will have one! Sure, after that GM’s … Read more

Does driving an electric vehicle matter if the power grid is fossil-fueled?

illustration: Benjamin Currie Welcome to Burning Questions, a series where Earther answers the most common questions we are asked about dealing with climate change. Many people want to do something, everything to cope with the climate crisis. We answer your questions about how you can change your life – and the systems that will save … Read more