Taco Bell has already launched a global shopping campaign

Yum Brands unveiled the world’s first competition, Yum Brands announced on Wednesday, and it will be distributed free on May 4 to celebrate the “new moon” they have dubbed of “Taco Moon.”

Taco Bell states with a show that the moon will look like a taco at this time of the month (the crescent phase) and is celebrated by offering a no -price promotional rates in 20 markets around the world. For example, in Guatemala, shoppers will be able to buy a free crunchy taco and buy drinks, shoppers in India will be able to get a black bean curd or an experienced chicken crunch taco, and in in the US, customers can get a free craco taco from 8:00 pm until midnight.

“We now have over 32 markets and over 600 restaurants [outside the U.S.] around the world, ”said Taco Bell global chief officer Nikki Lawson. “And we thought it was time that the whole world needed tacos, and what better way to do it than by signing up for a big world board [the “taco moon”] to help us here. ”

The competitive market will integrate multimedia programming on TV, social, and digital. And the competition also encourages customers to sign up for Taco Bell’s app because digital shoppers will be able to claim free taco all day (while other shoppers have only a four -hour window) .

“We thought,‘ how are we going to keep building the Taco Bell church? ’” Lawson said. “At the heart of him are the requirements, but there are also numbers: simple, easy, organized all that is very important to the name. And all of that has become a huge part of the people we’re moving forward with. “

It’s not the first Taco Bell creative marketplace to be launched in 2021: company Yum Brands announced a $ 5 build-your-will kit in February, which also includes elements of digital communication and customization.

Taco Bell says this isn’t the last fight in the world they’re competing in:

“We don’t want to do any methods about it,” Lawson said. “But when the breed grows there are more opportunities for him.”

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