Strengthening employees and effective customer communication

Are you involved in every decision made by your employees? Are you looking to grow your business, ease headaches and gain much-needed time? We thought so. Today at the Small Business Show, Dave and Shannon are discussing how to be “in control” all the time and how to empower your employees to make the right decisions.

Dave shares some stories of being so concerned about communicating with customers that he wrote the email responses and gave them to his reps to mail out. Dave says now: don’t do that! Shannon introduces the concept of repeating email templates to solve similar problems that keep coming up across your customer service department and uses a communication management service like HelpScout to make sure everyone is on the same page when it does is about communication with your customers.

We then jump into a discussion of “spells” that will build trust with your customers and convince them that you are on their side, and we will end the show with a brief discussion about refunds and how to properly handle them.

Join us today when we discuss letting go and cross-team communication with your customers in the Small Business Show, episode 88!

Chapter / timestamp:

00:00:00 Small Business Show # 88 October 12, 2016
00:01:14 How not to be in charge
00:07:19 Uniqueness of purpose
00:08:47 Empower people
00:11:41 Avoid the temptation to write your employees’ emails
00:16:36 Homogenize your company’s communication with Help Scout
00:19:35 “Magic Phrases” – words and phrases that build trust and convince customers that you are on their side.
00:22:12 Prioritizing the customer
00:24:00 Refunds are a tricky business
00:29:38 Communication with the customer – Continuous discussion of what is going on. “Show Notes” or “Technical Notes”

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