Stephanie Grisham says she is ‘afraid’ of the president’s run in 2024 Donald Trump

“I’m scared to run for president in 2024,” said Grisham, who also served as East Wing’s chief of staff, in an interview Monday at ABC’s “Good Morning America,” a promotional version of the memoir, “I’ll take.” Your Questions Now, “which is scheduled to be released this week.” I don’t think (Trump) deserves this job. “

Grisham’s takeover from the former Director of Service came when he was asked by George Stephanopoulos if he himself had contributed to the White House’s “dishonest practice,” to which Grisham replied, “Yes.”

“I now need, in every way I can, to educate the public about the character in the White House, because it looks like he will run in 2024,” said Grisham.

Grisham said a second term for Trump in his view would mean a president led by “revenge” on his political enemies.

“He may have some good ideas,” he added, noting a word that would mean not having to worry about being re-elected and having plenty of opportunities to go against Trump’s policy.

Asked why he is coming forward right now, after years of being loyal to Trump, Grisham said his mind changed after he spent time working in the West Wing.

“I believe he gave a voice to a lot of people who felt forgotten, but I think a lot of us, myself involved, went into that White House, and we got stronger,” Grisham said. “We never thought about serving the country again, it was just for survival.”

As former chief of staff for Melania Trump, Grisham also discussed the former first lady, including the nickname, “Rapunzel,” which Melania Trump was given by the Secret Service in her rare response to leave the White House.

“She didn’t want to go. She sat up very high,” said Grisham, who in a book writes about the life of the first woman.

Speaking to CNN, Melania Trump’s spokeswoman pushed for Grisham, saying: “The Secretary is making a concerted effort to correct his tarnished reputation by changing the truth about Mrs. Trump. I deserve to be trusted by everyone.”

Grisham is scheduled to appear Tuesday morning at CNN’s “New Moon.”


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