State law was particularly pressured to return to Texas court

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A court judge on Friday will consider whether Texas would repeal a law that severely restricts abortions in the US, which since September banned abortions abruptly and sent women to a brothel overseas across borders. -increase the country.

The case was reported by Biden’s administration seeks to initiate the first legal strike against Texas law known as Senate Bill 8, which has so far refused to wait for the first wave of trouble – including the US Supreme Court allowing it to continue working.

“Pregnancy is almost completely stopped in our state,” Drs. Ghazaleh Moayedi, an abortion therapist in Texas, told the US House Oversight and the Reform Committee during the Chinese abortion trial.

A law banning abortion in Texas when a heart event is detected, usually a six-week cycle, which is before some women find out they are pregnant. Shortly after the law came into force on September 1, abortions say “exactly what we feared” has become a reality, describing Texas clinics that have been in danger of closing as countries around the world struggle to keep up with the high number of patients. now driving hundreds of miles from Texas. Some women, they say, are forced to carry the pregnancy to term.

Australian statesman Robert Pitman of Austin will hear an argument on Friday over the temporary suspension of Texas law, which stands as a major national step towards the constitutional right to abortion in the century.

The Justice Department has urged the court to act swiftly, but it is unclear what action Pitman will take.

It is also unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Texas officials are likely to seek immediate reinstatement from the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals, which previously allowed sanctions to be imposed.

Texas law is just one of the many legal tests of abortion rights in the US for decades.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court will launch a new term, which in December will include debates on the Mississippi issue. to have value Roe v. Wade elections guarantee a woman’s right to abortion.

Last month, the court did not rule on Texas’s constitution in allowing it to remain in place. But abortionists have abolished five to five votes as a shocking sign that the court, most of the preservatives backed by three former President-elect Donald Trump, may be seeking an abortion.

Some countries, especially in the South, have passed laws such as abortion bans within the first weeks of pregnancy, which all judges have banned. But the crunch in Texas’ version so far has gone beyond the courts: The impersonation is left to the citizens, not the prosecutors.

Under Texas law, anyone can file a complaint not only against abortion providers, but also against men who are considered to be assisting a woman to have an abortion after a heart attack. The plaintiff has the right to claim up to ten thousand dollars in damages if he wins, which is criticized by those who claim a fair bounty.

The Texas Office of Attorney General told the courts in court this week that even if the law was temporarily suspended, prosecutors could continue to face court threats over possible breaches during the trial.

“The federal government’s complaint is that the Heartbeat Act is difficult to enforce,” the country wrote in opposition to the court and Biden’s leadership. “But there is no need for the country to draft its own rules to make it easier to dictate.”

Nearly one in Texas who had an abortion admitted to breaking the law and was sued – but not by abortion activists Former lawyers in Illinois and Arkansas say they have filed a lawsuit against a San Antonio doctor in the hope of finding a judge who will violate the law.


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