Small Business Success, Smartphone Business Tips and Books

Join us today for episode 80 of the Small Business Show where we’ll spend some time discussing our recent interview with JungleScout’s Greg Mercer! Dave and Shannon agree that Greg is a “career escape artist” and created a unique company to capitalize on missing data and support on the Amazon FBA marketplace.

We also talk about the difference between failing often as a small business owner (which we encourage) or being fierce (which we don’t). One way to hedge your mistakes is to learn lessons that will help you succeed by blaming yourself more than anyone else will.

Our success list idea comes up again during the show and we encourage every small business owner to create their list to refer to when you need to pull yourself up to see that you are making progress and moving in the right direction.

Since it’s a mix of topics today, we’re also getting an update on Shannon’s experiment “Can I build a social media business that only runs on my iPhone”. You will hear some sales, earnings and other tips for managing your time needs when your business is always in your pocket.

Finally, we discuss our new favorite small business book, Boss Life by Paul Downs, just the E-Myth in our opinion. Which book should you read first and why? Have a listen to find out!

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