Small Business Rock Stars, Wishlists, and Your Own Reality – SBS 78

Take part in this week’s edition of the Small Business Show! Dave and Shannon spend some time going over their interview with Tim Cote of the Commonwealth Foreign Exchange from the previous episode, and then quickly delving into some of their core beliefs about how to be successful in your small business:

Convince yourself (lie if you have to!) That you are a rock star, that every little success you have creates a foundation for greater success
Make your own film: what if reality tells you otherwise !? You are in control of the way your life goes, keep a smile on your face, tell yourself all the great things you’ve learned (even if you fail a lot) and move on.
Keep Your Success List Up To Date: Be sure to spot the little successes you have every day
Like Scott Adams, we’re bigger fans of systems than goals

Have a listen and let us know what you think! What will help you to stay on track with your small business? Check out our new Facebook Small Business Support Group and share your thoughts.

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