Small business ideas, time management, and how to deal with naysayers

Do you ever have a crazy idea? Of course you have. Exploring these ideas may be the next business opportunity. And the next business opportunity could someday bring the food to your table. You have to watch out for these crazy ideas, but you also have to learn to make sure that you don’t spend your time just chasing after them Everyone the ideas. Shannon and Dave have experience with both sides and today they are talking about it. Dave even throws in a crazy new idea himself … and who knows? Maybe it will soon be lucrative!

We also spend some time talking about how to deal with naysayers, whether to share all of your crazy ideas or just wait to talk about how things are going once you start them and give yourself permission to give, just play around. You just never know where things are going, and if you don’t let yourself go a bit, you are bound to miss opportunities.

We’ll wrap up the show by discussing your personal brand, when to start developing, why you need to do this in the first place, and what to do with it when everyone knows what kind of rock star you actually are.

Come join us!

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