Small Business Expertise – Help With What You Didn’t Know

As small business owners, we are constantly hectic and sleep can often be a victim of the “late, early” workflow. What do you do when your brain doesn’t shut down long enough to get the much-needed sleep? Listener Elias asks Dave and Shannon for advice on how to disconnect enough to fall asleep. You might be surprised by your suggestion!

You are an expert in some things and likely need help in other areas. We spend some time discussing why you should make a list of expertise to find out what you are really good at and in which areas you need to find tools or people to help you a little. Similar to our Success List exercise, simply writing down what you’re good at can help you tremendously in identifying areas where you need help.

Which areas of your company are changing? Yes, we know all of them. But if you had to choose sources of income that you believe will decrease in the next 12 to 24 months, could you? And once you’ve identified those revenue streams that are drying up, what are you working on to replace them? We discuss planned obsolescence for areas of your business that are facing downwards – the art of finding new sources of income for your business, before these older streams dry up.

We’ll end the Small Business Show this week with a brief mention of our interview with Paul Downs, which is scheduled for next week. Paul was a small business blogger for the New York Times and is the author of Boss Life, a must-get-your-hands book.

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