Small and Midsize Companies Are Expanding Their Marketing

Imagine yourself on stage in front of a crowd of industry friends and hoping to share your latest product update. You’ve identified a unique brand and built a speech to boost sales. The only problem is your microphone is broken.

Now, the only thing the audience sees is your mouth moving and making no sound. Your voice can’t be loud enough to overwhelm the conversation in the chairs. You feel defeated. All of that is useless.

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Can you feel the frustration growing inside of you just thinking about this?

That’s how you feel when you can’t break the noise of the internet. And that’s exactly the problem we solve with our distribution of ads in Newswire.

“Think of social media as a loudspeaker to amplify your voice,” says Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Advertising and Communications at Newswire. “Our team works with our clients to create and distribute newsletters that advertise their founders and advertisers they want to read.”

While everyone and businesses are unique, a winning technology brand focused on delivering service delivery, we know what it takes to build and implement a successful strategy.

And that’s why we combined our knowledge, experience, and new technologies to create the Media Advantage Plan (MAP), a program that helps small and limited companies distribute the right message to the right audience. at the right time.

“It doesn’t surprise me when I say that small businesses have the same challenges when it comes to their marketing efforts,” Terenzio added. “But, with MAP, we’re helping our customers build brand awareness, attract visitors to the website, generate leads, and increase revenue at a fraction of the cost. working with a cultural awareness agency. ”

The customer information we received was protected for our customers in top books, e.g. Business Insider, Entrepreneurs, Forbes, TIME, and more, it helped our customers gather the attention they needed to stand out from their competition and capture their attention.

Your mic is on and your audience is waiting to hear from you. Work now and get a free Media and Marketing review and 10% off your next ad.

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