Senator Kyrsten Cinema Locks Up Arizona State University Bathroom To Prevent Youth Entering Work

A video posted on Twitter on Sunday by social media group Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) shows young organizers meeting Sen Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), even following him to the bathroom at one point. In a bid to speak to a Democratic representative about his opposition to the Back Back Better program, President Biden’s plan for economic reform is largely backed by Democrats, politicians in the video are waiting outside what LUCHA said in a cinema room on the Arizona State University campus. When the Movie comes out, they ask to speak with him. “Actually, I’m going out,” he replies, and walks into the bathroom.

Over the noise of the bathrooms, a protester named Blanca spoke to Sinema from the bathroom door. “We have to hold you accountable for what you told us, what you promised us that you would pass on when we knocked on your doors,” Blanca says in pictures. “Not so good.”

In one the video was posted on Twitter by LUCHA, exhibitors follow the Style as she returns to her class. “We don’t want to start a fight @senatorsinema around Phx if he took the meetings and venues of his choice, ”states the article. “He hasn’t been approached at all.” In the video, a group stands outside, chanting, “Build better! Get rid of debt!” And “No documents! Don’t be afraid!”


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